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See the St Helen's Heritage Project at https://www.sthelensheritage.co.uk/ for more information. 


And Building Begins!

Building work started Susan HLFon June 13th 2016 on the St Helen's Community Heritage Centre, the culmination of several years of hard work by the Project Team, fundraising by St Helen's Church, and grants from various bodies, including  £604,800 from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Part of the new building is above the remains of St Helen’s medieval vicarage, the causeway to the ancient Grammar School and Civil War trenches, which were discovered during the 2012 archaeological excavation of the site. As well as the archaeological discoveries from beneath the site, the beautiful new building includes displays of many other aspects of St Helen’s Church's rich historical heritage. It is open to the public on Wednesdays and Saturdays. For more information visit https://www.sthelensheritage.co.uk/

The new Heritage Centre contains a large hall, a small meeting room, enhanced toilet facilities, and a modern kitchen.  All facilities are fully accessible, and are available for both church and public use. Booking enquiries can be made at sthelenslettings@gmail.com


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