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Covid-19 Crisis - Phone Support Team

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What is the Phone Support Team?

The Phone Support Team has been created to provide support is for people facing social isolation, in Ashby, during the Coronavirus Covid 19 Pandemic.

After initial contact, the same volunteer will call once-a-week for 20 minutes, at the same time.

Volunteers will be members of the Ashby Churches who have completed (CofE) C1 safeguarding training, have a current DBS certificate and a ministers reference.

You can volunteer for our phone support team if

  • You are a member of a local church whose Minister can recommend you for this. 
  • You have a DBS certificate (You can apply for one by emailing
  • You have completed at least C1 CofE Safeguarding Training (anyone can complete this online - Click here) OR an equivalent training with your Church e.g. Level 2 Baptist Union Training.

This information will be used inline with our privacy policy and for volunteering with Holy Trinity. 

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Safeguarding Training

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Tim Phillips, 23/03/2020